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1.       Ultrasonic Investigations of Binary Liquid Mixture of Diethylenetriamine (DETA) with Trigol or Triethylene Glycol at Frequencies                   1MHz, 3MHz & 5MHz at Constant Temperature 296 K
          SARWADE M. P, D. S. M. College, Parbhani, Maharashtra (India)

          Page No: 1 - 11


2.       A Study of Family Relationship, Altruism and Aggression level of Urban Adolescents
          Dr. P. T. Dumnar, Dagdojiraro Deshmukh Arts, Commerce and Science college, Waluj Tq. Gangapur Dt. Aurangabad.

          Page No: 12 - 17


3.       A Study of Prudish and Puritan Attitudes Towards Sexuality in William Blake’s Poems
          Dr. Jaybhaye Ramesh Bhanudas, Dagdojirao Deshmukh Arts, Commerce and Science College, Waluj, Tq- Gangapur, Dist- Aurangabad.

          Page No: 18 - 30